My name is Dr. Kyle Trimble and I am, first and foremost, a Buffalo Bills fan!!  I am proud to call myself a Bills fan; a group of fans that commonly refer to themselves as the Bills Mafia, individuals who are passionate, devoted, and yearning for a winner after far too many years of bad to at best, mediocre football.  When I am not reading, watching, or listening about the Bills, I work as a Physical Therapist.  Being a Buffalo Bills fan for the better part of 10 years; I have experienced some highs, many lows, and a lot of what ifs.  Most commonly I hear, what if (insert player name) didn’t get hurt?  Or, too bad (insert player name) got hurt, now we have to rely on (insert horrible backup), our season is done!

My purpose of this blog is to report on the goings on of the Buffalo Bills injuries.  I will analyze different aspects such as why the player got injured, how the injury typically occurs, speculate on the extent of the injury, timeline the player may be out, and the impact it has on the team.

While I could keep busy with injuries from the Buffalo Bills, this blog will not be limited to solely the Buffalo Bills.  Based on significant player injuries around the NFL, trends, research, and questions; I will write on whatever is on my mind, and whatever questions, you, the reader may have.  I write because I enjoy it, I write because I like to educate, and I believe that a fan that is educated on how injuries affect their favorite team can have a more realistic view on the NFL season.

To give a background on myself; I was born and raised in Erie, PA, moved to Buffalo in 2006 to begin my studies at D’Youville College towards becoming a Physical Therapist at which time I became a devoted Buffalo Bills fan.  I graduate in 2013 with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and moved home for several years.  Moving back to the Buffalo area in 2016, I have gained extensive experience in outpatient orthopedics, skilled nursing, acute care hospital, and home care.  Having obtained a significant wealth of knowledge that continues to grow, along with a undying fandom of the Bills, puts me in the unique position to educate my fellow fans about our great team. To add, I am an contributor and occasional guest on the Buffalo Bills podcast, The Rockpile Report.  I have many ideas to write about, many which I expect you will enjoy.  I welcome any comments or questions you may have.