Billsiest Injury Yet!!

If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably missed the blockbuster trades made by the Bills on Friday. If you would like further details as you were under previously said rock, please educate yourself here. Now that you are refreshed, one of the new acquisitions of the trade, Jordan Matthews, has already been injured. Yes, a Buffalo Bills player has gotten injured! Not your typical pulled hamstring, rolled ankle, or tender shoulder. No, this injury is unique. Jordan Matthews sustained a chip fracture of his sternum. This is a common injury found in motor vehicle accidents when the person’s chest strikes the steering wheel upon impact. This type of injury also occurs from chest compression’s during CPR. If I were to theorize how a football player were to sustain this injury, I would assume that the player would be lit up and a chip fracture would be the least of his worries.

According to the Bills, Matthews sustained the injury while going to the ground hard during a drill with a defensive back. It was reported that he finished practice but complained of issues later. Symptoms include pain, tenderness, bruising, and swelling, along with a deformity present during breathing. Most likely, diagnosis was confirmed via X-ray. Thankfully, this injury is not serious, but it is something worth noting. According to reports such as Dr. David Chao, Matthews will be fine, but be limited secondary to pain. I expect him to limit chest movements such as weightlifting, blocking drills, and strenuous upper arm movements. This is due to the pectoral muscles attached to the area that pull and cause discomfort the more the muscle is worked. He will require rest, anti-inflammatories, and time to heal. While it is unfortunate, I believe this will allow him to study the playbook and recover so this isn’t something that becomes a nuisance over the season. Expect him to miss the upcoming preseason game against the Eagles to rest, limit reps against the Ravens, and return to full form by the 4th preseason game.

Thankfully, this wasn’t a serious injury or something that will cause recurrent problems. For us Bills fans that have had season hopes and dreams dashed by ill timed injuries, ineptitude, and just plain bad luck, this only adds to it. This is one of the more Billsiest injuries of recent memory, but something that will become a distant memory by the time the season opener against the Jets. The Bills have had a relatively injury free training camp devoid of the ACL and Achilles tear, broken bones, and serious injuries that have hampered the rest of the NFL. Continue to check back for updates, news, and further Bills injury analysis not found anywhere else!