CB Cam Lewis Injury History

#39 Cam Lewis
Position: CB
Height/Weight: 5’9”/183 lbs.
College: Buffalo
Year joined Bills: 2019
Acquired: UDFA

College Injuries:

2015 Freshman year:

No publicly reported injuries

2016 Sophomore year:

No publicly reported injuries

2017 Junior year:

Right broken thumb & forearm, missed 5 games. Has a chronic bone infection, and wears a forearm brace to protect area.

2018 Senior year:

High ankle sprain, missed 1 game

Pro Injuries:

2019 Bills:

Concussion, Preseason Week 2, missed remaining 2 preseason games

Undisclosed injury, Week 16, on practice squad

2020 Bills:

Left wrist injury, possible fracture, Week 6, sent to IR prior to Week 8, missed the remainder of the season.

2021 Bills:

Illness, prior to Week 16, missed 0 games.

COVID, following Week 16

2022 Bills:

Noted that he has had a chronic bone infection in his right forearm after suffering the 2017 forearm fracture.

Broken nose, preseason game vs Carolina.

Right forearm injury designation due to chronic bone infection, on injury report all season.

Knee injury, Week 2, missed 0 games.

Quad injury, Week 5, missed 0 games

Illness, Week 11, missed 0 games.

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