AFC East Injury Preview- Week 14

AFC East Injury Preview- Week 14

The AFC East remains the class of the NFL with every team holding a winning record heading into Week 14. This is a feat only matched by the NFC East this season.

The Bills and Jets face off in a rubber match following the Week 9 matchup where New York prevailed, sending Buffalo to their second loss at the time. The Dolphins stayed on the west coast to face the Los Angeles Chargers, hoping to split the trip with a win following a loss last week. Finally, the Patriots face the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night under the primetime lights.

Below are the detailed injury reports for each AFC East team heading into Week 14.

Note: With the AFC East injury reports, not every injury on the report will have a detailed analysis. While I do want to highlight every injury, some don’t have any context. For those that do have context, there will be as much medical analysis as I can provide.

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DT Jordan Phillips (Right shoulder)

Phillips has been ruled out for this week following a right shoulder injury against the New England Patriots in Week 13. This was the result of him trying to chase down QB Mac Jones when he fell with his arm outstretched on his right side.

The hope is that he only suffered an AC joint sprain, but it’s more likely he suffered some type of instability such as subluxation of the shoulder. This could lead to damage to the labrum which helps deepen the socket within the shoulder. 

It’s too soon to tell if he can come back next week, but I would expect he is out there with some type of shoulder brace or harness which make indicate which type of shoulder injury he is dealing with. 

FB Reggie Gilliam (Right ankle)

Gilliam will miss his first game of the season due to a right ankle injury sustained during the second-half kickoff against the Patriots. He was either hit from behind or the side by fellow teammate Tyrel Dodson as the result of friendly fire. 

He was unable to practice all week and his status for next week remains to be seen. 


LB Matt Milano (Left knee)

Milano was a surprise addition to the injury report this week with a leg/knee designation on Wednesday. 

The injury report later clarified that he was dealing with a knee injury, and not practicing Wednesday or Thursday.

Based on film analysis, it’s possible that this is the play in that he suffered the injury, specifically to the left knee. 

By video, it’s hard to see what he injured, the initial guess is a bad contusion. He did state that he was really sore after the game which would be in line with what is observed on video.

On Friday, he was able to return to practice shown in the warmups below. He did appear to have what looked to be some type of brace on his left leg, further supporting the video above.

He looks to be moving well and if this is a pain management issue or to maximize rest, then he has a chance to play. Milano missed the first Jets game with an oblique injury and it would be unfortunate if he missed this game as well. He may be a true game-time decision with how his rest and rehab go over the weekend. 

OT Dion Dawkins (Right ankle)

Dawkins confirmed that he suffered a right high-ankle sprain against the Detroit Lions late in the second quarter. 

He missed the following game against the Patriots but is questionable heading into the Week 14 matchup against the Jets. He was originally told it was a three-week injury but he seems to have beaten the odds having practiced this week. 

By video, he looks good in practice and was able to practice in full on Friday, suggesting that he will play. Since this is his right ankle and he plays left tackle, he can get away with using his left leg to control for pass protection. He may feel the effects of the injury if he has to run to his right during the run game, but even an 80 percent Dawkins may be better than any other options. 


QB Josh Allen (Right elbow)

Allen continues to work through his right elbow injury still appearing on the injury report despite a full designation. 

However, Allen dove into the details of his elbow injury on the Pat McAfee show Thursday, detailing how much time the doctors thought he’d miss originally based on the scans and exam. He also revealed he had a PRP injection and that this is something that he would have to manage for the foreseeable future.

Allen’s revelation was more in line with my original thoughts when he suffered the injury. He also discussed how he dictated his recovery timeline with the doctors which ultimately they signed off on. 

As we get farther from the injury, the picture will become clearer with more information such as this. 

CB Cam Lewis (Right forearm)

Lewis has been a regular on the injury report due to a chronic bone infection in his right forearm. This dates back to college and he regularly wears a brace on the area. 

C Mitch Morse (Right elbow/Vet Rest)

Morse has been working through his right elbow injury sustained in Week 2 against the Titans, missing only the following game because of the injury.

Whatever the specific injury is, whether it’s an injury to the UCL ligament or bone chips, it has become chronic at this point and has been managed well by the team. He has been pretty consistent otherwise considering his right arm is his snapping arm and will play Sunday. 

OL David Quessenberry (Left ankle)

Quessenberry will suit up Sunday after struggling through the Patriots game with a left ankle injury. He was injured early in the first quarter and then later in the third quarter as he started for Dion Dawkins. He originally sustained the injury late on Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions.

The hope is that Dawkins can play, giving Quessenberry some extra time to rest the ankle for later this season. 

G Rodger Saffold (Knee/Vet Rest)

Saffold appeared on the injury report with a knee designation Wednesday along with his veteran rest day. He was able to return to practice the rest of the week, practicing in full. Considering his age, it’s not surprising to see that he needs some extra recovery time along with specific destinations. 


DE Von Miller (Right ACL tear)

Miller is done for the season following exploratory surgery that found a torn ACL. For more information, make sure to check out the article I wrote Friday regarding the injury and the timeline to return.

WR Jamison Crowder (Left fibula fracture)

Crowder began running off to the side this week after fracturing his fibula in Week 4 against the Baltimore Ravens. After undergoing surgery and rehab, he is on track to return but has not started his 21-day practice window. 

So far, it seems like he has had an excellent rehab and avoided many of the pitfalls seen with lower leg injuries such as his. The team will still need to be cautious in not ramping him up too quickly to ensure he does not irritate things, causing a setback.

DT Eli Ankou (Undisclosed)

Ankou was placed on the practice squad injured list Thursday with an undisclosed injury. He did have a calf injury early in training camp followed by a left hamstring strain that led to an injury settlement on cut-down day. 

Keep in mind, if Ankou were to return, he would count against the eight designated slots to return from IR. They have used two on Xavier Rhodes and Marquez Stevenson so far. Those that could still possibly return include Jamison Crowder, Christian Benford, Jake Kumerow, and though unlikely, Micah Hyde.



DE Michael Clemons (Illness)

Clemons was unable to practice all week due to illness that appears to be hitting each team in waves this season. Not practicing all week and not being able to ask the body to perform effectively may be a tall order. It may be best to sit this one out on a cold, rainy day.


OT Duane Brown (Left shoulder)

Brown continues to work through a left rotator cuff tear suffered shortly after signing with the team prior to Week 1. He has not missed a snap since returning and has done a fine job despite the injuries.

S Ashtyn Davis (Hamstring)

Davis missed last week’s game with a hamstring injury suffered in the Week 12 win over the Chicago Bears. His role is mainly on special teams this season and he will be able to return to the field without a designation.

OT George Fant (Knee)

After missing eight games due to a stint on IR, Fant returned last week to play in 71 percent of snaps. He is on the long list of offensive linemen the Jets have had to cycle through this season due to injury. 

He did have knee surgery that ended his season early last year by a game or two that I believe is still giving him problems nearly a year later. 

S LaMarcus Joyner (Hip)

There isn’t any information on Joyner’s hip from what I can find. What’s interesting is that he also appeared on the injury report with a hip ailment prior to the Week 9 matchup against the Bills this season. This may be a chronic issue at this point, but a point worth noting. 

CB DJ Reed/WR Corey Davis (Illness)

Both were limited by illness earlier in the week but were able to return to practice and have no gameday designation. 


OT Max Mitchell (Blood clots)

Mitchell is forced to miss the remainder of the season due to blood clots found in his calves and lungs. This unfortunately was the result of Factor V Leiden, a genetic mutation of the clotting factors in his body. 

It is hereditary and managed with blood thinners once clots are present. Due to the risk of a clot dislodging or bleeding out if he gets hit in a way that causes a wound, the risk is far too great for him to play. 

However, he is expected to resume playing next season. 



WR River Cracraft (Calf)

Cracraft appeared to suffer a calf injury in practice after not having a designation during Thursday’s practice. He was unable to practice Friday, leaving him doubtful for the game. 

Doubtful players rarely play and are effective in nearly all cases. Even if he did suit up, he would struggle with explosiveness getting off the line, cutting to the opposite side of the injury, and jumping. I don’t expect him to play. 


OT Terron Armstead (Right toe/Left pectoral)

Armstead is officially questionable after missing last week’s contest due to a left pectoral injury suffered against the Houston Texans. The article linked below details how he injured the pectoral muscle and the side along with the severity. 

While it is possible he could play this week, it may not be advised. If he does play, he will need a shoulder harness on his left arm which will affect his reach outside in keeping the defensive end from bending the edge. He will also struggle to maintain his block on the inside with his left arm. This will force him to rely more on his feet and body positioning to avoid stressing the already injured area. 

It would be best if he sat one more week to allow him a better chance to perform against Buffalo in Week 15. Armstead may push through, potentially exposing him to further injury.

TE Durham Smythe (Quad/Knee)

Smythe shows up on the injury report with quadricep and knee injuries this week after appearing to suffer the injuries last week. Considering the specifics of the designation, this may be a quadricep strain on the distal aspect of the muscle, closer to the knee. 

Without additional specifics, it’s hard to determine whether he will play, but he was hampered by a hamstring issue last month. This latest injury may force him to sit this one out to get right for next week against the Buffalo Bills.

QB Teddy Bridgewater (Knee)

Bridgewater continues to work through the knee injury he suffered in practice prior to Week 10. He had not played since Week 6. 

This is a chronic knee issue that had a flare-up last month, possibly related to his traumatic knee injury in 2016.

DT Justin Zimmer (Back)

Zimmer is questionable with a back designation after playing limited snaps the past two weeks, his first game action since tearing his ACL in practice last year with Buffalo. 


DT Raekwon Davis (Knee)

Davis has been working through injuries to both knees all season and his presence on the injury report has been a constant one since early this season. He suffered a right knee injury in Week 1 and a left knee injury in Week 8. 

S Eric Rowe (Back)

Rowe was a limited participant Wednesday and Thursday before practicing in full on Friday. Other than the designation, there aren’t any specifics to his injury.

QB Tua Tagovailoa (Right ankle)

Tagovailoa suffered what appeared to be a right ankle injury late in the fourth quarter in the eventual loss to the San Francisco 49ers. 

By video, the injury looks quite awful and possibly a high-ankle sprain, but it appeared that he avoided the worst. This is the ankle that he has to step into his throw which could limit him in his deep throws. This may also affect his scrambling ability if he can avoid pressure in the pocket. He may be able to focus on the passing game, not having to improvise and further stressing the ankle.

WR Jaylen Waddle (Fibula)

Waddle had his worst outing of the season, logging just one catch for nine yards on five targets before leaving with a lower leg injury Sunday. 

Considering the designation is a bone, he’s possibly dealing with a contusion from getting hit low. It’s not reported which side but this is more of a pain management issue. He does not have a designation but it would not surprise me if he was still slowed by it cutting to the affected side.

LB Jerome Baker (Hip)

Baker has been working through his hip issue since Week 7 and limiting his snap counts, though he has not missed a game yet.

RB Myles Gaskin (Shoulder)

Gaskin was on the injury report last week with both an ankle and shoulder designation, though now just appearing with a shoulder. There wasn’t any information last week as to the specifics and he was ruled inactive last week after being questionable. 

G Robert Jones (Shoulder)

Other than the designation, little is known regarding the shoulder injury this week. He was on the injury report last week with a back designation, suggesting these injuries may be more minor and maintenance things at this point in the season.

CB Kader Kohou (Right thumb)

Kohou continues to work through a thumb injury that appeared following the team’s bye, but has been able to practice in full every practice since then. 

According to reports, this is a right thumb issue for which he has to wear a protective cast. That means it could either be a bad sprain he is working through or even a non-displaced fracture that is slowly healing. 

WR Tyreek Hill (Illness)

Hill worked through an illness this week, missing Thursday’s practice before returning to a full designation on Friday. 



WR Jakobi Meyers (Concussion)

Meyers will miss the Monday night game against the Arizona Cardinals after suffering a concussion courtesy of Bills S Damar Hamlin below. 

Meyers was unable to even participate in any aspect of practice, suggesting that he is in at least Stage 1 or possibly Stage 2 if he is not seen doing any light aerobic activity. He must pass through the five stages of the NFL concussion protocol to be cleared and not practicing all week gave a pretty clear idea where he is at. 

Every concussion is unique and even with the extra time off from last Thursday to Monday wasn’t enough for symptoms to resolve. Hopefully he can begin ramping his activity up next week to return in Week 15, but that is far from a guarantee at this point.

CB Jalen Mills (Groin)

Mills will miss his second consecutive game after appearing on the injury report prior to Week 13 against the Buffalo Bills. His appearance at that point suggested that he suffered the injury in Week 12. This was a game where he played a total of 64 snaps with 63 of them being on the defense. 

He was able to practice in a limited fashion heading into Week 13 before being ruled questionable. Not practicing at all this week and being ruled out right away suggests that he suffered a setback in his recovery, but that has not been reported. 

Considering he played nearly the entire game, it can be difficult to pick out when a player was injured, especially a subtle injury as a groin. It’s possible to have turned his hips while running, tweaking the musculature. He could have been hit from behind or overstepped moving sideways or even forward, aggravating the area. 

There are other possibilities for injury or this could be developing into a core muscle injury, but that cannot be known until it is reported. 

OT Isaiah Wynn (Foot)

Wynn originally suffered what appeared to be a right foot injury with 50 seconds left in the first quarter of Week 11. He was getting driven backwards when he stepped with his foot plantarflexed or pointed down, appearing to hesitate afterward briefly. 

There is concern for either a generalized midfoot sprain or even a bone bruise, though the team has not revealed any details. 

He was able to practiced the Wednesday after the injury with a limited designation but has not been able to practice since then. He has already missed the last two games and will miss his third. This may be a pain management issue which could explain why they did not put him on IR initially thinking he could return sooner.


RB Damien Harris (Left thigh)

Harris suffered a left thigh injury in the first half against the Vikings after a carry for no gain, unable to return. He was seen with crutches after the game, indicating the severity. By video, it is a pretty mild-looking hit and potentially to his left side. He was seen jogging off in some discomfort.

He missed last week’s game against the Buffalo Bills with reports ruling him out earlier in the week. He was unable to practice the last two weeks and there may still be significant pain and swelling as he walks, much less tries to run. 

Once he restores the function in his quad and hamstring area without pain and achieve full ROM in his knee, then it stands to reason he could return. It’s possible for him to miss another week or two based on how much residual pain remains.


OT Trent Brown (Illness)

Brown did not practice Wednesday before upgrading to limited both Thursday and Friday. He was also quesrionable last week against the Bills as a late addition heading into the game, ultimately playing. 

OT Yodney Cajuste (Calf/back)

Cajuste injured his calf in practice prior to Week 12 but ultimately played despite the issue. This back ailment doesn’t have much info other than it appeared prior to Week 13, but it’s highly likely that Cajuste plays again due to Isaiah Wynn’s still out with his foot issue. 

Cajuste injured his calf in practice prior to Week 12 but ultimately played despite the issue. This back ailment doesn’t have much info other than it appeared prior to Week 13, but it’s highly likely that Cajuste plays again due to Isaiah Wynn’s still out with his foot issue.

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