Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets Week 1 Injury Review

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets Week 1 Injury Review

The Buffalo Bills fell apart in overtime again, losing 22-16 against the New York Jets Monday night. The defense and special teams carried the Jets to victory with a 65 yard punt return touchdown from Xavier Gipson, a rookie UDFA.

Despite the Jets winning, what makes it sting even worse is the fact that Aaron Rodgers went down just four plays into the game with a left Achilles injury, ending his season and losing to Zack Wilson.

While the Jets are dealing with the fallout of the Rodgers injury, the Bills appeared to have avoided major injury themselves. Below are the any and all injuries coming out of Monday’s game.

In-game Injuries

DE Greg Rousseau (Right hand)

Rousseau appeared to injure his right hand while trying to sack Zack Wilson with 14:21 left in the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately, he was too far back behind Wilson and could not finish the job. It’s not observed on broadcast film, but Rousseau appeared to hit his hand on a helmet or body or ground. 

At the beginning of the clip above, you can see that he is holding his hand in pain but did not leave the game. This appeared to be more of a hurt, not injured issue.

DT Jordan Phillips (Wind knocked out)

Shortly after Rousseau’s injury, Phillips required attention from the medical staff after he was tripped up on the play below.

He appeared to get twisted around and fell hard on his right shoulder, initially staying down for a few minutes. He was able to walk off under his own power and later returned to the game.

C Mitch Morse (Left Finger)

Morse came to grabbing his index and middle finger on his left hand late in the third quarter after a run play. With his back to the camera, it’s difficult to see what exactly happened, but he did not leave the game.

He did go for x-rays after the game which were negative. Fortunately, this was to his non-snapping hand which makes this injury inconsequential.

S Micah Hyde (Cramping)

Hyde had to briefly leave the game at the end due to cramping, missing one defensive snap. He was able to return after initially being deemed questionable.

Overall Thoughts

It wasn’t pretty. The Jets lose their starting quarterback and the Bills can’t take advantage of that? The Jets defense is really solid which helps explain the low scoring game, but this is far from the hardest challenge this team will face this year. 

The Bills didn’t appear to have any new injuries coming out of Monday night as there was no mention of them during Tuesday’s press conference. I do expect to see a new name or two on the injury report, but nothing as of publication that could lead to missed time when the Bills host the Raiders on Sunday.