Buffalo Bills vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 8 Injury Review

Buffalo Bills vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 8 Injury Review

They really want you to watch until the end, don’t they?

The Buffalo Bills defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-18 on Thursday night after a late drive from the Bucs that saw a Hail Mary on the final play fortunately fell incomplete.

With the win, the Bills moved to 5-3 and took advantage of a mini-bye, an extra three days rest to prepare for the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday Night Football will only help as the Bills enter a tougher stretch of football. Fortunately, the Bills ended the game with few injuries which sets them up nicely for a Week 9 matchup. 

Below are the in-game injuries and observations coming out of Thursday’s game. 

In-Game Injuries

QB Josh Allen (Right Shoulder)

Allen appeared to re-aggravate his right shoulder injury during a run to the right with 11:52 left in the second quarter. Near out of bounds, Allen got tripped up and somersaulted onto his right shoulder. 

He popped up immediately and worked out his legs before rolling out his shoulder to finish the drive. 

He did later go to the medical tent briefly which caused some concern as Kyle Allen began to warm up on the sidelines. Thankfully, Josh Allen did not have to miss any time and played markedly better than last week against the Patriots. Against the Bucs, he went 31 of 40 for a 77.5 completion percentage for 324 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. 

Given the extended break, this should allow Allen to get healthier. The shoulder won’t be 100 percent better, but improved enough to not have an effect on his overall performance. 

CB Cam Lewis (Right Groin)

Lewis briefly exited the game late in the third quarter and into the blue medical tent following a punt return. He quickly returned after an assessment and without an official designation from the PR staff. He was able to finish the game without incident.

Looking at video later, specifically the All-22, Lewis appeared to tweak his right groin after battling with his block to get back in bounds. At the end of the play, he can be seen favoring his right side and touching his right groin area. 

Due to the extended break, it remains to be seen if it is severe enough to be on the injury report, but if it is, this is why.

Final Observations

It was a pretty clean game from an injury perspective, a far cry from what we’ve dealt with over the last month with the significant injuries on both sides of the ball. The Bills should hopefully have a shorter injury report on Wednesday especially with the few extra days off. In addition, we may see some roster moves soon with the trade deadline approaching on Tuesday at 4 pm. 

Make sure to check back for the latest injury profiles and updates should there be any trades or signings.

Top Photo Credit: Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images