2024 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills DT DeWayne Carter Injury Analysis

2024 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills DT DeWayne Carter Injury Analysis

The Buffalo Bills added to the defensive line on Friday selecting Duke DT DeWayne Carter with the 95th overall pick late in the third round. Carter looks to add depth to the defensive line that Brandon Beane noted that he was a “plug and play” guy which is promising after the depth issues the Bills dealt with last season.

Carter comes from Duke after playing in 52 games and started in every one of the last three seasons. After stats like that, injuries are minimal which bodes well for his availability moving forward.

Read below for DeWayne Carter’s publicly reported injury history and analysis.

Injury History

2022 Duke

Leg injury, vs Virginia Tech, missed 0 games.

Carter went down in the first quarter with a leg injury and spent some time on the bench before returning to play several series later. It’s not clear the exact injury that he dealt with, but it was minor enough he was able to return shortly after exiting.

Injury Analysis

This is about the cleanest injury history a player can have, especially someone who plays in the trenches. There isn’t much to be concerned about moving forward with Carter as he slowly transitions into a depth option on the defensive line. Typically, players in the third round have injury concerns but talent, but Carter was selected on his talent alone. 

Final Thoughts

Carter was a captain on the Duke football team and a finalist for the William V. Campbell Trophy, the academic Heisman. He is a smart player and demonstrates availability, both excellent traits. I love this pick and hopefully, the health trend continues.

I wish DeWayne Carter the best of luck and that he can stay healthy.

Top Photo Credit: Justin Casterline/Getty Images