2024 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills EDGE Javon Solomon Injury Analysis

2024 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills EDGE Javon Solomon Injury Analysis

Needing to add a player with the ability to rush the passer and get home, the Buffalo Bills selected EDGE Javon Solomon with the 168th overall pick on Saturday. 

Coming out of mid-major Troy in the Sun Belt Conference, Solomon still managed to lead all of Division 1 in sacks with 16 this year. While beating collegiate offensive tackles is far different from NFL tackles, Solomon still has a nose for the ball and could benefit from learning under Von Miller as he transitions to the NFL.

Below is Javon Solomon’s publicly reported injury history and analysis. 

Injury History

2020 Troy

COVID, vs Middle Tennessee, missed 1 game. 

COVID hit the Troy football team hard right before they were set to play against Middle Tennessee, missing their head coach and two assistant coaches. Nine other players were ruled out including Solomon. 

2021 Troy

No publicly reported injuries.

2022 Troy

Undisclosed injury, missed spring practices.

Solomon missed spring practices following the 2021 season but returned to play the following season.

2023 Troy

Undisclosed injury, required surgery, missed spring, summer practices

Solomon revealed in an interview with The Draft Network that he underwent surgery following the 2022 season. 

Looking at pictures on X and Instagram, Solomon is seen wearing knee braces on each knee at different times. It’s possible that he required a cleanup or even a repair of potentially the meniscus, but this is speculation at best. 

Injury Analysis

There isn’t much to analyze as there isn’t any information other than missing offseason practices, bracing on each knee at different points, and a confirmed surgery. 

Solomon only missed one game in his collegiate career due to COVID during the height of the pandemic. Unless he comes out in future interviews and states what he injured or had surgery on, we are left guessing. 

Final Thoughts

Solomon only missed one game in his college career and had at least two injuries with one surgery. He has shown to be durable and has the skillset that can translate to the next level. Nothing in his history suggests he’s at increased risk to miss time, but should he suffer a future injury, this could stunt his growth. 

I wish Javon Solomon the best of luck and that he remains healthy. 


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