Injury Analysis: Buffalo Bills S Dee Delaney

Injury Analysis: Buffalo Bills S Dee Delaney

The Buffalo Bills were not done fine tuning the bottom of the roster on Thursday, signing S Dee Delaney to a one-year contract. 

The veteran journeyman has seen stops all over the league starting his career with the Jaguars before going to the Dolphins, Jets, Redskins, and most recently the Buccaneers for the last three seasons. He has started 17 games and played in 52 overall. 

Below is Dee Delaney’s publicly reported injury history and analysis. 

Injury History


2017 Miami 

Right knee injury, vs Florida State, missed 3 games. 

Delaney suffered a right knee injury versus Florida State during his redshirt senior season. Initial reports had him missing 6-8 weeks but he ultimately only missed three games. Considering this was a right knee injury with an initial longer diagnosis, this suggests that he suffered an MCL sprain but not confirmed. 


2018 Jacksonville Jaguars/Miami Dolphins

No publicly reported injuries. 

2019 New York Jets/Washington Redskins

No publicly reported injuries.

2020 Out of Football

Delaney did not play for an NFL team that season after he was cut by Washington in the spring. He did considering entering the military but opted against enlisting.

2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ankle injury, Week 7, missed 1 game. 

Delaney suffered an ankle injury late in the third quarter during the blowout win over the Chicago Bears. He missed the following game against the New Orleans Saints and had the benefit of the bye week before returning in Week 10 against the Washington Commanders. He was questionable in Week 10 and 11 but played. 

Concussion, Week 10, missed 0 games.

Upon returning from his ankle injury, Delaney suffered a concussion against the Commanders in the second half and was removed from the game. Fortunately, he was able to clear the protocol within the week and return to play in Week 11. 

2022 Buccaneers

No publicly reported injuries. 

2023 Buccaneers

No publicly reported injuries. 

Injury Analysis

Knee and ankle injuries along with a concussion comprise Delaney’s publicly reported injury history. Looking at everything as a whole, each injury was isolated and it appears it was a coincidence that the ankle injury and concussion were in close proximity to each other during the 2021 season. 

None of these injuries are concerning as they did not appear to linger and he was able to return after missing minimal time. The biggest issue that Delaney has appears to be talent in fighting for a roster spot. He has proven that he belongs in the league, it will come down to how many players he can beat out and how he can contribute on special teams. 

Final Thoughts

Delaney’s success in 2024 will come down to how talented he is and who he can beat out. His past injury history does not suggest that there are any lingering concerns that could affect his availability. 

I wish Dee Delaney the best of luck and to remain healthy this season. 

Top Photo Credit: SB Bucs Nation


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