2021 Buffalo Bills Week 4 Injury Preview- Houston Texans

Poyer and Feliciano are already ruled out for Sunday. Will Obada or Taron Johnson also be ruled out?

Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 1 Injury Review- Detroit Lions

New injuries to Hodgins & Sweeney are the big concern following the win over the Lions.

S Damar Hamlin Injury Profile

#31 Damar HamlinPosition: SHeight/Weight: 6’0″/200 lbs.College: PittsburghYear joined Bills: 2021Acquired: 6th round pick NFL Draft High school: 2015 Senior year: Suffered a core muscle injury during the final season of high school that he played through in order to help his team win a state championship. He later required repair following the season. College Injuries: 2016 TrueContinue reading “S Damar Hamlin Injury Profile”