2021 Buffalo Bills Week 6 Injury Preview- Tennessee Titans

The Bills are healthy, the Titans cannot say the same.

2021 Buffalo Bills Week 5 Injury Preview- Kansas City Chiefs

Will Matt Milano play?

2021 Buffalo Bills Postgame Week 4 Injury Review- Houston Texans

How serious is Milano’s hamstring injury and will it affect him for Sunday?

2021 Buffalo Bills Week 4 Injury Preview- Houston Texans

Poyer and Feliciano are already ruled out for Sunday. Will Obada or Taron Johnson also be ruled out?

2021 Buffalo Bills Week 3 Injury Preview- Washington Football Team

How serious are the knee injuries for Wallace and Jackson?

2021 Buffalo Bills Week 2 Injury Preview- Miami Dolphins

Will Lotulelei make his long awaited 2021 debut? Is Davis healthy enough to play?

2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Defensive End

Jerry Hughes & Mario Addison demonstrate veteran leadership in a crowded defensive end room, but newcomers such as Greg Rousseau and Carlos Basham could make a world of difference if all can stay healthy.

DE Efe Obada Injury Profile

#93 Efe ObadaHeight/Weight: 6’6″/265 lbs.College: N/AYear joined Bills: 2021Acquired: Free Agency via Panthers College Injuries: Came to NFL via International Pathways program. Pro Injuries: 2015 Cowboys No publicly reported injuries. 2016 Cowboys/Chiefs/Falcons No publicly reported injuries. 2017 Panthers No publicly reported injuries. 2018 Panthers No publicly reported injuries. 2019 Panthers No publicly reported injuries. 2020Continue reading “DE Efe Obada Injury Profile”