2021 Buffalo Bills Week 1 Injury Preview- Pittsburgh Steelers

Will Emmanuel Sanders play Sunday?

Buffalo Bills Roster Cut Down Injury Review

Only Marquez Stevenson was sent to IR, but what is the status of Phillips, McKenzie, Lotulelei, and others?

Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 3 Injury Review- Packers

The Buffalo Bills continue to dominate, this time with a complete 19-0 win over the Green Bay Packers. Unlike last week, the Bills walked away with few injuries with little long-term concern. However, injuries from Saturday’s game may have a significant impact on Tuesday’s looming roster cut down. In-game injuries: Brandin Bryant (concussion) Bryant sufferedContinue reading “Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 3 Injury Review- Packers”

Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 3 Injury Preview- Packers

Are there concerns with Isaiah McKenzie, Harrison Phillips, and Taron Johnson?

Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 2 Injury Review- Chicago Bears

What could Harrison Phillips be dealing with? Are there concerns with Marquez Stevenson?

Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 1 Injury Review- Detroit Lions

New injuries to Hodgins & Sweeney are the big concern following the win over the Lions.

DT Ed Oliver Injury Profile

#91 Ed Oliver Position: DT Height/Weight: 6’1/287 lbs. Age: 22 College: Houston Year joined Bills: 2019 Acquired: 1st round draft selection College Injuries: 2016 Freshman year: No publicly reported injuries 2017 Sophomore year: Left MCL sprain, missed most of 1 game & limited in next 4 games 2018 Junior year: Right knee injury, deep contusion,Continue reading “DT Ed Oliver Injury Profile”