2021 Buffalo Bills Postgame Week 6 Injury Review- Tennessee Titans

How severe is Dawson Knox’s hand fracture?

2021 Buffalo Bills Week 6 Injury Preview- Tennessee Titans

The Bills are healthy, the Titans cannot say the same.

Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 3 Injury Review- Packers

The Buffalo Bills continue to dominate, this time with a complete 19-0 win over the Green Bay Packers. Unlike last week, the Bills walked away with few injuries with little long-term concern. However, injuries from Saturday’s game may have a significant impact on Tuesday’s looming roster cut down. In-game injuries: Brandin Bryant (concussion) Bryant sufferedContinue reading “Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 3 Injury Review- Packers”

2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Tackle/Offensive Line

Will Cody Ford play guard or tackle and can he stay healthy to be a dependable starter on the offensive line?

2020 Week 9 Bills Injury Preview- Seahawks

Proceed with caution, this is a long one.

OL Ryan Bates Injury Profile

#71 Ryan Bates Position: OLHeight/Weight: 6’4”/302 lbs.Age: 23College: Penn StateYear joined Bills: 2019Acquired: Trade with Eagles College Injuries: 2015 Freshman year: No publicly reported injuries. 2016 Sophomore year: No publicly reported injuries. 2017 Junior year: Lower leg injury, was rolled up on, missed 3 games. 2018 Senior year: No publicly reported injuries. Pro Injuries: 2019Continue reading “OL Ryan Bates Injury Profile”

Wild Card Weekend Bills Injury Preview- Texans

What is the status of Nsekhe, Roberts, Lawson, & Wallace?