2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Special Teams

Reid Ferguson, Tyler Bass, & Matt Haack make up the specialists on the team and continue to demonstrate excellent health and continuity.

2020 Week 10 Bills Injury Preview- Cardinals

Will Hyde and Ford suit up with their respective ankle injuries?

2020 Week 9 Bills Injury Preview- Seahawks

Proceed with caution, this is a long one.

RB Taiwan Jones Injury Profile

#25 Taiwan Jones Position: RBHeight/Weight: 6’0”/195 lbs.Age: 31College: Eastern WashingtonYear joined Bills: 2020Acquired: Free Agency via Texans College Injuries: 2008 Freshman year: Broken fibula 2009 Sophomore year: Shoulder injuries both sides. Hand injury Core muscle injury, required surgery following the season. 2010 Junior year: Abdominal injury, missed 1 game. Left foot fracture, occurred during FCSContinue reading “RB Taiwan Jones Injury Profile”

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Review- Week 2

The Bills are still dealing with injuries, what ones are concerning?