2020 FA Roundup: P Kaare Vedvik injury analysis

2020 FA Roundup: P Kaare Vedvik injury analysis

P Kaare Vedvik has had quite an interesting career in football since he arrived in America from Norway during his junior year in high school. He began kicking that year, eventually finding his way to Marshall where he played for 5 seasons both at the kicker position first before transitioning to the punting role. He played well enough to achieve First Team All C-USA before entering the NFL as a UDFA with Baltimore in 2018. 

Since then, Vedvik has had several ups and downs while in the NFL, making several stops. Below is his injury history.


Signed with Baltimore in 2018 as a UDFA, sat out the entire season on the reserve/NFI list due to having been assaulted in the early September morning before the start of the season. He was found with a posterior head contusion along with significant facial injuries to his teeth and mouth. 


Traded to the Minnesota Vikings for a 5th-round pick but could not stick with the team, losing the kicking job to K Dan Bailey before getting cut. No known injuries occurred during his time with the Vikings.

He was then picked up by the New York Jets to start Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills. He missed a key extra point along with a field goal which led to the Jets losing the game and Vedvik his job. 

Following his cut, he was signed to the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad where he stayed for the remainder of the season until his contract ran out.


Signed with Buffalo back in January and will be in competition with P Corey Bojorquez for the starting spot come fall.

Bills Injury Impact:

Vedvik is a special teams player, more often than not, they have little to no injury history. There are always concerns about the groin, quadriceps, or hamstring, but due to the infrequency, injuries are limited. Outside of the assault which has no bearing on his football abilities, he has no publicly reported injury history to speak of. 

It appears that Vedvik has attempted to make his mark as a punter, after losing his job twice now while attempting kicking duties. As Bojorquez is at times inconsistent, Vedvik has a shot at making the roster. But he must have a superb training camp in order for the team to move on from Bojorquez as there is at least consistency at the position. While not a high profile competition, still one to watch come August.

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