TE Charles Jones Injury Profile

#80 Charles Jones

Position: TE
Height/Weight: 6’4″/255 lbs.
Age: 24
College: Tulane
Year joined Bills: 2020
Acquired: Free Agency via Jacksonville

College Injuries:

2014 Freshman year:

No publicly reported injuries.

2015 Sophomore year:

No publicly reported injuries.

2016 Redshirt Sophomore year:

High ankle sprain, later tore ankle ligaments and broke bone in foot, played in 4 games that season.

2017 Redshirt Junior year:

No publicly reported injuries.

2018 Redshirt Senior year:

Sprained ankle at beginning of season.

Pro Injuries:

2019 Jaguars:

No publicly reported injuries.

2020 Jaguars/Bills:

Waived with injury before final cuts with quad and foot injuries. No specifics on the injuries appear to be available.

General links:

High ankle/broken foot injury

Sprained ankle

Quad/foot injury