2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Quarterback

This is the 2021 Training Camp Preview for the Buffalo Bills Quarterback room. This will outline every known injury from 2020 and outlook heading into 2021.


Josh Allen

Appeared in 16 regular season games, 3 post-season games. Injuries suffered include:

  • Left shoulder A/C Joint sprain, Week 4, missed 0 games.
  • Right knee MCL Sprain, ankle sprain, Week 12, missed 0 games.
  • Right knee MCL Sprain, Divisional round, missed 0 games.

Allen certainly gave the fan base several scares throughout the season dealing with injuries that he played through, at times affecting his play. His left shoulder injury with bracing affected him the next several games with his ability to move the ball, but he recovered as the season progressed. As this was more of an A/C Joint sprain, I have little concern for re-injury to the area in the 2021 season.

As for the right MCL and ankle sprains in both the regular season and postseason, there are no concerns for a recurrence next season. The MCL heals up very well non-surgically and he should not have to wear a brace. The ankle also appeared to be minor and reflecting back now, it may not have even been a factor.

While running quarterbacks are at a lower risk to suffer serious injuries compared to the more traditional pocket quarterbacks, this doesn’t eliminate the risk all together. Having his offensive line fully healthy and consistently out there along with familiarity with his offensive weapons should reduce rushing attempts and plays breaking down. Allen will still run, but they will be designed plays that can help minimize his risk.

There are no lingering injury issues heading into the 2021 season by my estimates. He will not get through the season injury free, but if the line can stay consistent, then this can limit his need to create plays or absorb unnecessary hits.

Jake Fromm

Appeared in 0 games, no publicly reported injuries.

Designated the emergency quarterback all season even before it was a thing, Fromm comes into this season healthy but unproven.

Davis Webb

Appeared in 0 games, no publicly reported injuries.

More of a coach than player, Webb continues to hang on as a practice squad player and has yet to appear in an NFL game. Until Fromm shows the chops to be the third quarterback, Webb justifies his place in the building, even on the practice squad.

New to the roster:

Mitchell Trubisky

Appeared in 10 regular season games, 1 post-season game. Injuries suffered include:

  • Hip pointer, Week 7, missed 0 games.
  • Right A/C Joint sprain, Week 8, missed 2 games.

Trubisky does come with several injury concerns from his time in Chicago, I have no worries based off his injury history and the assumption he doesn’t see the field often in 2021. Even if he does have to play a game here or there, the offensive line should be better than what he had with the Bears, offering more protection.

Not Returning:

Matt Barkley

Appeared in 5 games, suffered no publicly reported injuries.

Barkley exits following two successful years as as backup, helping Josh Allen develop as a professional. He did not appear to suffer any injuries in his appearances which was the expectation as a backup quarterback.

2021 Injury Expectations

The team rides or dies with Josh Allen at the helm. I would expect that Allen continues to suffer occasional smaller injuries, but ideally avoid the more serious or season-ending injuries due to his offensive line and ability to scramble. Overall, no injury concerns for anyone heading into the season.