Nazair Jones Injury Profile

Nazair Jones
Position: DT
Height/Weight: 6’5″/304 lbs.
College: North Carolina
Year joined Bills: 2021
Acquired: Free Agency via Seahawks

High School:

2011 Junior year:

Suffered a neurological condition known as CRPS. This is identified as persistent pain, intermittent swelling, decreased ability to move the limb, heightened sensitivity. This is a condition that can persist for months to years. Still reportedly taking medication to manage condition. Read this story to understand more how he dealt with it. Make sure to check out this story as well.

College Injuries:

2014 Redshirt freshman year:

No publicly reported injuries.

2015 Sophomore year:

Missed 3 games with a leg injury, specifics unknown.

Missed bowl game against Baylor, specifics unknown.

2016 Junior year:

Missed 1 game against JMU due to injury, specifics unknown.

Pro Injuries:

2017 Seahawks:

Knee injury, Week 7, missed 0 games, side not specified.

High ankle sprain, Week 13 practice, missed 5 games, went to IR.

2018 Seahawks:

Hip flexor injury, preseason, side not specified.

Illness, Week 10, missed 1 game.

2019 Seahawks:

Knee tendonitis, preseason, side not specified, sent to IR.


Did not play.

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