Final Thoughts & Thank You

Final Thoughts & Thank You

I’m still trying to process the events from Sunday.

A victory snatched away in the literal last seconds, leading to a season-ending early and utter disappointment. I’m not even really mad, just in disbelief that this could happen yet again, another incredible performance essentially wasted. 

It may hit me later on Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals play. It may hit me when the Super Bowl is played, knowing the Buffalo Bills were good enough to win it all. But will they eventually win it all? 


I will say the emotions of the game, the ups, and downs that I felt were so visceral. There was so much enjoyment in watching the game throughout the night.

That “Oh no!” feeling when the Chiefs scored. That “Wow, what a play!” when the Bills scored. The fourth-down conversions, the game-winning drives, all of it was so incredible at the moment.

Just not the final moment. 

When the Bills win it all, all this history including this game will be reflected upon in how the team continued to persevere towards their ultimate goal. I, like many of you, dream of that day. 

However, I have some other thoughts at the moment that need to be addressed.


I wrapped up my fifth season of an endeavor that I really wasn’t certain where it would take me.

Writing and discussing Buffalo Bills injuries. It’s such a niche topic that looking back, what was I thinking at the moment?  I just knew that I thought I could add something to the conversation and provide insight into a topic that wasn’t clearly understood by most people.

But I forged ahead knowing that I could write about injuries as I am a Physical Therapist by profession and a Buffalo Bills fan. Five years later, I believe the endeavor has turned out pretty well. 

Dozens of podcast appearances, hundreds of articles written, and thousands of interactions with Bills fans near and far. To put it simply, this is fun to do. It’s work, but it’s something I enjoy. Combining my profession and fandom, what more could I ask for?

I’ve been able to improve my writing and speaking skills and learned countless new things. It’s made me a better professional as a whole. I’ve also received a lot of opportunities that I never thought would be possible under any other circumstance. 

There are many thank yous as I didn’t get here alone and I won’t continue this journey without further guidance.

Bills Beat Reporters, Sports Anchors, Journalists, Media Members

Thank you for all your hard work over the duration of the long season. I could not do what I do without all your work. You are the eyes and ears of this fan base. I’m able to interpret what you report, film, and hear to digest what is going on to have an idea of what and how an injury may impact the game or season. 

There have been many within the media world I have built relationships with and had the fortune to meet. Many more that I hope to interact with in the future. There are a lot of really smart, dedicated people covering the team focusing on the details that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. 

I enjoy the interactions and discussions to not only talk about football but to learn in order to improve my skills. I find myself getting ideas, incorporating speaking and writing techniques into my own work, and understanding how to do all that I do better. 

I truly appreciate all of your hard work, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you.

Fellow Content Creators

The content creators within the Bills fan base are absolutely incredible. I am never without a podcast, article, interaction, some type of content on the Buffalo Bills. I have also developed relationships with many of you and in some cases, lasting friendships.

I have not gotten here without your assistance or inspiration. I have worked with many of you and some have even provided a platform to showcase my work. Several have been directly the reason for helping me develop, grow, and establish who I am. 

It’s incredibly rewarding to have a voice within the fan base, even as narrow of a subject as it may be. But what other fan bases have the depth of content available? This encompasses injury analysis, film study, salary cap management, draft and roster management, game breakdowns, interviews, betting/fantasy, and so much more. 

I enjoy much of the content out there and I hope mine is appreciated as well. I am always open to discussions and collaborations. The end goal is to provide this fanbase with the most complete content to ensure they are well-informed. 

The great work everyone does on top of their full-time jobs or school, their family responsibilities, and other things in their life, can be a sacrifice. But if it’s fun, then that’s all that matters. Thanks for all your incredible work.

Buffalo Bills Fanbase

Thank you for accepting me as a source for you to obtain the information you are looking for. I love the interactions, I love the challenge of finding the right answers to questions or performing the research for an article or an idea.

I love digging into the small details and trying to find information about a player or injury that may shed more light on performance or availability. Every bit of information helps tell the story.

I thoroughly enjoy the interactions on all the social media platforms and it’s always so humbling when I get to hear how much you enjoyed my appearance on a podcast or feedback from an article.

I know I am not right every time, but I hope you at least understand my thought process in getting there. I’m open to changing my thoughts with new information and explaining either why I was wrong or why I believe to still be correct. 

My goal continues to explain what the injury is or could be, how it will affect the player/team, and understand the injury itself.

All of this would not be worth doing without having the Buffalo Bills as the focus. But this would not be near as fun without the fans supporting them and devouring as much content as possible. My site continues to grow leaps and bounds as I try to provide the most comprehensive Buffalo Bills injury content available.

It’s incredibly satisfying to be part of such an awesome fan base with everyone. Thank you for all your support.

Final thoughts

This was a fun season despite the final outcome. I enjoy writing, reading, and discussing the Buffalo Bills. 

I have a ton of ideas and content for the offseason that I hope you consume as you wait for OTA’s and training camp to start. My goal is to find an angle, story, or information that you won’t or can’t find anywhere else. I am open to any questions, ideas, suggestions to create a better experience for the audience. 

I enjoy what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Go Bills!