Buffalo Bills Injury Review Divisional Round- Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo Bills Injury Review Divisional Round- Kansas City Chiefs

Thirteen seconds.

What a game. It came down to thirteen seconds in regulation and then a touchdown pass to lose in overtime. Lots have been said so far regarding the final moments and repercussions of those decisions.

This may be one of the greatest NFL games ever played and the Buffalo Bills were on the losing end of it all. It’s almost poetic being a Bills fan and all. 

It was a thrilling game to watch and had everyone feeling every kind of emotion. But for Bills fans, it finished with a sense of emptiness as the Kansas City Chiefs secured the game-winning touchdown.

While the season has ended for the Bills, frankly, most don’t come to this site for my feelings. There are many more thoughts that aren’t necessary for this space. Maybe for another time.

Most, if not all, come for the injury analysis. As a result, a post-game Bills injury review is still necessary to close out the season. 

In-game injuries

S Micah Hyde (Cramps)

While not technically an injury, it was still noted as a player down during the game. This is worth noting in case someone saw him go down but didn’t get the full picture. Hyde went down in pain at the end of regulation during the game-tying field goal, requiring the training staff to tend to him. 

Looking at the video, he required stretching to both legs at one point, focusing on the hamstring and calf muscles to work out any apparent cramping. According to reports, he briefly walked off, eventually returning to the game. 

That appeared to be the only Bills injury concern during the game.

Other observations

DE Mario Addison (Right Shoulder)

Addison appeared in 47 percent of snaps which is on the lower end of his snap counts this season, but not significantly less than usual. He did have a shoulder harness on the right shoulder which was expected. 

He appeared limited despite engaging the offensive lineman with his right arm. However, he struggled to generate any meaningful push-off to create separation. He was still getting the arm up to block the ball and disrupt the passing lanes but didn’t record any defensive statistics.

Final thoughts

The Bills were the healthier team coming into the game and while it was an advantage, it did not secure the win. With the season-ending, locker clean-out and exit physicals will begin. The Bills have already signed 10 players to reserve/future contracts, all of who were on the practice squad this year.

Expect to see surgeries in the coming days and weeks to address any lingering injuries. The team will begin to re-sign and extend other key contributors until free agency starts in March and the NFL Draft in April.

This loss sucks, it really does. Being Bills fans, we’ve become used to it, but that doesn’t make it any less painful. The 2022 NFL season cannot come soon enough.