Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins Wild Card Injury Recap

Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins Wild Card Injury Recap

A win is a win. 

Sunday wasn’t pretty but the Buffalo Bills are moving onto the divisional round of the playoffs, 34-31 victors over the Miami Dolphins. 

I know a lot of people aren’t thrilled with their performance, but they’re moving on and they appeared to avoid major injuries. Below are the injuries and observations from Sunday’s game. 

In-game injuries 

CB Dane Jackson (Knee)

Jackson exited the game with 2:20 left in the second quarter trying to guard his assignment. As of publication, there is not any video available of the injury as this happened on the same play when Tremaine Edmunds destroyed Salvon Ahmed on the opposite sideline. 

Once Ahmed left the field for further evaluation, Jackson came across the field before having to sit down and have trainers tend to him. It looked as though they were working on his right leg/knee before he was able to get up and walk off under his own power. 

Jackson did not return to the game despite getting a questionable designation shortly afterward. After the game, Sean McDermott noted that Jackson could have returned if needed.

The following day during the Monday afternoon press conference, they reiterated that point and stated that he was “day-to-day”. Unfortunately, after looking at the All-22 footage, the camera immediately pans to the left side of the field and we don’t get to see a mechanism of injury for Jackson. 

Until we see his availability at practice or if he has any type of bracing on the area, it’s difficult to state whether he will be able to play Sunday.

OT Dion Dawkins (Head)

Dawkins had to leave the field for one play with 6:24 left in the third quarter while trying to block for a routine run play below. He struck the left side of his helmet against his block as Devin Singletary shot by. 

Once the play was over, Dawkins went down to one knee before the training staff came out to assess him. The hit to the head must not have been enough to warrant a more thorough assessment or he hurt something else at that moment that we were unaware of.

This may be both nothing in the grand scheme of things, but even these smaller injuries are worth highlighting at the moment.

FB Reggie Gilliam (Left elbow)

Gilliam got his left elbow crunched on a punt return fumble with 4:14 left in the third quarter. He tried to get into the pile late and had several additional bodies fly in after. 

The broadcast view offers the best angle and it appears that’s all the injury was, that the elbow took a direct shot. This is the same elbow he injured in Week 2 against the Tennessee Titans and has been wearing a brace on it since. 

He was initially questionable to return but came in shortly after for kickoff and did not leave again. Due to the prior injury to the elbow, there may have been a chronic issue in there that was exacerbated by the hit Sunday. I could see him being on the injury report due to needing some treatment and for a competitive advantage.

CB Kaiir Elam (Right leg cramp)

Elam was questionable to return with a leg cramp late in the fourth quarter after a key pass breakup that helped turn the ball over and allow the Bills to seal the victory. You can see in the second half of the clip below how trainers began immediately stretching out his right calf and giving him water to help alleviate the pain.

Other than making sure he is well-hydrated, there is no concern moving forward for Elam as he prepares for next week.

Other observations

DT Ed Oliver (Right knee)

I noted that Ed Oliver has his right knee taped up heavily and he also appeared to have something on the left side as well. In the play below, he motions to come out and appears to be walking gingerly.

The actual play doesn’t show any mechanism of injury, but he did play in 70 percent of snaps which is potentially why he was motioning to come out at the end. He appeared to be taped up earlier in the game indicating that this was an issue prior to the game. If he shows up on the injury report this week, this may help pinpoint the side and possible issues.

WR Jamison Crowder/S Micah Hyde

Unfortunately, there is not much new information regarding the status of either player. Sean McDermott stated that he doesn’t know whether Crowder will available to play. He also reiterated that Micah Hyde would not play.

I do understand the Crowder portion of that statement. He will likely be limited in cutting to his left and lack some explosiveness that led to him signing here in the first place. Also, who do you cut to bring him onto the roster? I don’t see anyone worth cutting at this point in the season that he would be a better option at this time considering his health. He remains a player they bring on if they need a body due to injury, nothing more at this point. 

As for Hyde, I’m not sure why McDermott is putting that out there now, but this may be to alleviate pressure on both the team and Hyde from pushing to get ready. They can use the entire window for him to ramp up and then re-introduce him for the AFC Championship, should the Bills make it. Once again, for someone to return this quickly from an ACDF procedure is not unheard of, but it is not the norm.

The Bills continue to look good health-wise as they head into Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals in what could shape up to be a very exciting game.

Top Photo Credit: ESPN