2021 Buffalo Bills Week 9 Postgame Injury Review- Jacksonville Jaguars

Taron Johnson & Zack Moss are in the concussion protocol.

2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Defensive Tackle

How will the health of Vernon Butler & Ed Oliver affect the defensive tackle production? Will Harrison Phillips finally produce a healthy season?

2020 Week 4 Bills Injury Preview- Raiders

What is going on with Ed Oliver’s knee? Will Zack Moss play Sunday?

2020 Week 3 Bills Injury Preview- Rams

Make sure to scroll down to the players you’re interested in. It’s a long one.

DT Ed Oliver Injury Profile

#91 Ed Oliver Position: DT Height/Weight: 6’1/287 lbs. Age: 22 College: Houston Year joined Bills: 2019 Acquired: 1st round draft selection College Injuries: 2016 Freshman year: No publicly reported injuries 2017 Sophomore year: Left MCL sprain, missed most of 1 game & limited in next 4 games 2018 Junior year: Right knee injury, deep contusion,Continue reading “DT Ed Oliver Injury Profile”

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Review- Week 2

The Bills are still dealing with injuries, what ones are concerning?