2023 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills CB Alex Austin Injury Analysis

2023 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills CB Alex Austin Injury Analysis

Dipping back into the well for more secondary help, the Buffalo Bills selected CB Alex Austin in the seventh round, pick 252. He comes to Buffalo following a decorated career at Oregon State as a two-time All-Pac 12 Honorable Mention. Austin appeared in 36 games over four seasons with the majority of his appearances coming in the last two seasons.

Fortunately, Austin has shown to be durable during his collegiate career, missing just one game during his last season. 

Below is Alex Austin’s publicly reported injury history and concerns.

Injury History


Undisclosed injury, vs California, missed 1 game.

Austin was battling through an injury that flared up against California, forcing him out of the following week against Arizona State. Full-game footage is not available and there are not any in-game reports that can be found regarding his issue. 

When he did return to play, he was still productive during the last two games of the season without any discernible drop-off in statistical production. Even looking at highlight film in the game against Oregon, he does not appear to have any bracing, tape or anything to suggest an injury.

Buffalo Bills Injury Outlook

Alex Austin has been shown to be durable, missing only one game due to a lingering issue. Whatever the issue was, the hope is that it doesn’t linger into his NFL career.

Like many Day 3 draft picks, Austin will have to battle to find a roster spot this season. Anything can happen, but if he can get the playbook down and showcase his abilities on special teams, there’s a chance. If he’s going to fall short, it will be because of talent and not injury based on previous history. 

As with other late draft picks lately, he has the chance to get poached during the cut-down day. Hopefully, he can stick around as a surprise rostered player or practice squad member. The Buffalo Bills have shown you can never have enough secondary help.

Top Photo Credit: Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images