2023 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills OL Nick Broeker Injury Analysis

2023 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills OL Nick Broeker Injury Analysis

With the 230th overall pick in the 7th round, the Buffalo Bills selected Ole Miss G Nick Broeker. The versatile offensive lineman appeared in 48 games over four seasons as a versatile player all along the trenches. 

Fortunately, Broeker managed to avoid any injuries over his time at Ole Miss, attributing that to an excellent medical/training staff and luck. This is despite playing each position on the line over his career, embracing the unfamiliarity at times. I can’t even find any instance of in-game injuries or off-season issues that affected his availability at any point.

Buffalo Bills Injury Outlook

These types of injury analyses are reserved for specialists, not offensive linemen who are in the trenches on every play. While he may have had luck on his side, he will continue to need it as a seventh-round draft pick on a championship contender. 

With how deep the offensive line room is already, the path to a roster spot will be arduous. Staying healthy, available, and with positional versatility will give him the best shot at making the roster, if not, the practice squad. If he does make it to the practice squad, there is a strong possibility that he gets poached as Luke Tenuta did last year and Jack Anderson the year before that. 

Hopefully, he can continue to stay healthy to give him the best chance at the roster not just in Buffalo, but the entire NFL. 

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