2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Linebackers

Tremaine Edmunds & Matt Milano dealt with serious injury last year. Will they be healthy and have solid depth behind them?

2020 Week 8 Bills Injury Preview- Patriots

The Bills are banged up, but so are the Patriots. Who will win the injury bowl?

LB Andre Smith Injury Profile

#59 Andre Smith: Position: LBHeight/Weight: 6″0’/240 lbs.Age: 23College: North CarolinaYear joined Bills: 2020Acquired: Trade with Carolina Panthers College Injuries: 2015 Freshman year: No publicly reported injuries 2016 Sophomore year: Torn pectoral muscle, played entire season, had surgery in offseason. 2017 Junior year: Left knee mensical tear, Week 2, missed 10 games. Pro Injuries: 2018 Panthers:Continue reading “LB Andre Smith Injury Profile”