Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 3 Injury Preview- Packers

Are there concerns with Isaiah McKenzie, Harrison Phillips, and Taron Johnson?

Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 1 Injury Review- Detroit Lions

New injuries to Hodgins & Sweeney are the big concern following the win over the Lions.

Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 1 Injury Preview- Detroit Lions

Preseason kicks off tonight against the Lions! Get the latest injury news on Hughes, Sanders, Diggs, and Moss!

2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Wide Receivers

Will Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley, Gabrield Davis, and others be able to stay healthy to get to the Super Bowl?

WR Duke Williams Injury Profile

#82 Duke Williams Position: WRHeight/Weight: 6’3”/225 lbs.Age: 27College: AuburnYear joined Bills: 2019Acquired: Free Agency via CFL College Injuries: 2014 Sophomore year: Right knee injury, missed 2 games. Pro Injuries: 2016 Rams: Cut prior to regular season, no publicly reported injuries. 2017 Edmonton Eskimos: No publicly reported injuries. 2018 Eskimos: Right shoulder injury, missed 1 game.Continue reading “WR Duke Williams Injury Profile”