2021 Buffalo Bills Week 4 Injury Preview- Houston Texans

Poyer and Feliciano are already ruled out for Sunday. Will Obada or Taron Johnson also be ruled out?

2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Tackle/Offensive Line

Will Cody Ford play guard or tackle and can he stay healthy to be a dependable starter on the offensive line?

G Jamil Douglas Injury Profile

#77 Jamil DouglasPosition: GHeight/Weight: 6’4″/308 lbs.College: Arizona StateYear joined Bills: 2021Acquired: Free Agency via Titans College Injuries: Pro Injuries: 2015 Dolphins Shoulder injury, Week 10, missed 0 games. Ankle injury, Week 16, missed 0 games. 2016 Dolphins/Patriots No publicly reported injuries. 2017 Falcons No publicly reported injuries. 2018 Falcons/Colts/Titans Finger injury, preseason game 1. 2019Continue reading “G Jamil Douglas Injury Profile”