Buffalo Bills Preseason Game 3 Injury Preview- Packers

Are there concerns with Isaiah McKenzie, Harrison Phillips, and Taron Johnson?

DT Joey Ivie Injury Profile

Joey Ivie Position: DTHeight/Weight: 6’3″/295 lbs.College: FloridaYear joined Bills: 2021Acquired: Claimed off waivers via Colts College Injuries: 2016 Senior year: Broken thumb, missed 2 games. Pro Injuries: 2017 Cowboys/Falcons: Undisclosed injury with Falcons, reached injury settlement. 2018 Seahawks/Chiefs: No publicly reported injuries. 2019 Chiefs/Titans: No publicly reported injuries. 2020 Titans/Browns: No publicly reported injuries. 2021Continue reading “DT Joey Ivie Injury Profile”