2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Tight End

Dawson Knox spent the majority of the season injured, limiting his potential, will it linger into this season?

2020 Week 10 Bills Injury Preview- Cardinals

Will Hyde and Ford suit up with their respective ankle injuries?

2020 Week 8 Bills Injury Preview- Patriots

The Bills are banged up, but so are the Patriots. Who will win the injury bowl?

2020 Week 4 Bills Injury Preview- Raiders

What is going on with Ed Oliver’s knee? Will Zack Moss play Sunday?

TE Lee Smith Injury Profile

#85 Lee Smith Position: TEHeight/Weight: 6’6”/265 lbs.Age: 32College: MarshallYear joined Bills: 2019Acquired: Free Agency via Raiders College Injuries: TBD Pro Injuries: 2011 Patriots/Bills: Ankle injury, Week 15, sent to IR 2012 Bills: Knee injury, Week 15, missed 0 games Back injury, Week 16, missed 0 games. 2013 Bills: No publicly reported injuries. 2014 Bills: ToeContinue reading “TE Lee Smith Injury Profile”