2021 Buffalo Bills Week 6 Injury Preview- Tennessee Titans

The Bills are healthy, the Titans cannot say the same.

2021 Buffalo Bills Week 4 Injury Preview- Houston Texans

Poyer and Feliciano are already ruled out for Sunday. Will Obada or Taron Johnson also be ruled out?

2021 Buffalo Bills Week 2 Injury Preview- Miami Dolphins

Will Lotulelei make his long awaited 2021 debut? Is Davis healthy enough to play?

RB Matt Breida Injury Profile

#22 Matt BreidaPosition: RBHeight/Weight: 5’10″/195 lbs.College: Georgia SouthernYear joined Bills: 2021 Acquired: Free Agency via Dolphins High School Going back to his junior varsity days, Breida suffered a broken right forearm during his freshman year of high school. Georgia Southern Played in 48 games out of 48 games while in college. Noted to have an ankle injury against Georgia StateContinue reading “RB Matt Breida Injury Profile”