Cole Beasley Upper Back Injury Speculation

Cole Beasley suffered an upper back injury that sent him to the Non-Football Injury (NFI) list on Wednesday July 30th just after training camp started. Any injury that suffered outside of football-related activities warrants placement on the list at the beginning of training camp. 

As there are not many details out yet, there is only speculation as to what he could be dealing with. There are some clues that could indicate when he suffered the injury which could narrow down when he suffered the injury and his timeline.

Clue #1 is that he was working out as recently as July 18th signaling that he likely suffered this injury between then and July 29th. 

Clue #2 which isn’t really much of a clue but more of a statement from NFL Network Mike Garafolo as seen below.

Based on that wording, this suggests that he may be dealing with some type of trapezius strain caused by an unknown reason. This could have been as the result of a car accident, a fall at home, some freak accident, we simply do not know. There could be other reasons or possible issues that he could be dealing with that will be released at a later time.

Once Beasley is medically cleared, he can be removed from the NFI list but cannot return to the list. It’s also important to note that he counts toward the overall roster but not the 53 man roster if this lingers into the regular season. 

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