TE Tommy Sweeney Foot Injury Speculation

The start of Bills training camp started off with some injury news as Bills TE Tommy Sweeney was placed on the Active PUP list due to a foot injury. 

Outside of what the team has stated, there is virtually no information on the specifics of this foot injury. However, there are some clues that narrow things down for a timeline on when this injury occurred and the possibilities. 

The first clue was that he was placed on the active PUP list. The active PUP list is reserved for players who have been injured performing football-related activities. This means that he would have been training and he suffered the injury at some point over the past few months. 

The second clue was that he was practicing with offseason workouts down in Florida. Looking at the picture, there is no bracing or anything out of the ordinary on Sweeney’s ankles or feet that signify that he was dealing with an injury at the time.

The third clue is from a Bills fan that saw Sweeney out in public on July 21st at a local restaurant. Twitter user @Jack_WanderS stated that he spoke with Sweeney who stated that he had a broken foot. 

When asked, he stated that he believes he injured the left foot but wasn’t certain. 

While the team has not confirmed that it’s a broken left foot, this is the best information that we have to go off of for now. It is not known if this injury required surgery when it occurred which could drastically impact his timeline to return, and how effective he will be when he returns. 

Sweeney counts against the overall roster but will not count against the 53-man roster if he is still on PUP once the regular season beings. He can be released at any time once medically cleared upon passing his physical. Until there is more information regarding his injury, speculation is all we have. Ideally, he returns prior to padded practices, but any conditioning he misses greatly impacts his ability to make this roster for 2020.


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