G Brian Winters Injury Profile

#61 Brian Winters

Position: G
Height/Weight: 6’4″/320 lbs.
Age: 29
College: Kent State
Year joined Bills: 2020
Acquired: Free Agency via Jets

College Injuries:


Pro Injuries:

2013 Jets:

Ankle injury, preseason, missed 0 games.

Ankle injury, Week 8, missed 0 games.

2014 Jets:

Left ACL tear, Week 6, missed 10 games, sent to IR.

2015 Jets:

No publicly reported injuries.

2016 Jets:

Concussion, Week 4, missed 1 game.

Shoulder injury, Week 15, missed 2 games. Later found to have rotator cuff repair.

2017 Jets:

Abdominal tear, Week 2, missed 1 game, later went to IR for last 2 games.

2018 Jets:

No publicly reported injuries.

2019 Jets:

Shoulder injury, preseason, went to IR after Week 10, missed 7 games.

2020 Bills:

Leg contusion, preseason

Right knee contusion, Week 4, continued to be limited in practice through Week 8.

Knee injury, Week 9, missed 0 games.

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