2021 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Injury Preview- Center/Guards

Injuries to Mitch Morse and Jon Feliciano prevented the offensive line from maintaining consistency. How will this affect them in 2021?

2020 Week 10 Bills Injury Preview- Cardinals

Will Hyde and Ford suit up with their respective ankle injuries?

2020 Week 9 Bills Injury Preview- Seahawks

Proceed with caution, this is a long one.

2020 Week 8 Bills Injury Preview- Patriots

The Bills are banged up, but so are the Patriots. Who will win the injury bowl?

2020 Week 5 Bills Injury Preview- Titans

Which of the questionable players will suit up?

G Brian Winters Injury Profile

#61 Brian Winters Position: GHeight/Weight: 6’4″/320 lbs.Age: 29College: Kent StateYear joined Bills: 2020Acquired: Free Agency via Jets College Injuries: TBD Pro Injuries: 2013 Jets: Ankle injury, preseason, missed 0 games. Ankle injury, Week 8, missed 0 games. 2014 Jets: Left ACL tear, Week 6, missed 10 games, sent to IR. 2015 Jets: No publicly reportedContinue reading “G Brian Winters Injury Profile”