OT Cody Ford Injury Profile

#74 Cody Ford
Position: OT
Height/Weight: 6’3”/329 lbs.
Age: 23
College: Oklahoma
Year joined Bills: 2019
Acquired: 2nd round draft selection

College Injuries:

2016 Freshman year:

Broken left fibula, Week 3, required surgery, missed 9 games

2017 Sophomore year:

Undisclosed injury, missed 2 games.

2018 Junior year:

No publicly reported injuries.

Pro Injuries:

2019 Bills:

Concussion, Week 5, missed 0 games

Left elbow injury, possible UCL sprain, required bracing during rest of season, missed 0 games

Right shoulder injury requiring offseason surgery, possible labrum or rotator cuff, missed 0 games

2020 Bills:

Left shoulder issue, specifics unknown, began wearing a shoulder harness Week 3, possible labral tear.

Groin strain, Week 4, missed 0 games.

Right knee injury, Week 6, MCL sprain, missed 2 games.

Right ankle injury, Week 9, missed 1 game.

Torn right meniscus, suffered in practice prior to Week 12, sent to IR, missed 6 games.

2021 Bills:

Right biceps injury, Week 12, missed 0 games.

COVID, Week 16, missed 1 game.

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