S Jaquan Johnson Injury Profile

#46 Jaquan Johnson

Position: S
Height/Weight: 5’10”/194 lbs.
Age: 24
College: Miami FL
Year joined Bills: 2019
Acquired: 6th round draft selection

College Injuries:

2018 Senior year:

Right hamstring strain, missed 2 games.

Pro Injuries:

2019 Bills:

No publicly known injuries.

2020 Bills:

Right lower leg injury, possible contusion, Week 4, missed 0 games.

Back injury, Week 7 practice, missed 0 games.

Possible right high ankle sprain, Week 13, missed 2 games.

2021 Bills:

Knee injury, side not specified, has not practiced since August 17th, missed Preseason Game 2 Bears and Game 3 Packers. Returned to practice and has practiced in full.

Hamstring strain, Week 9, returned to play in same game, missed 0 games.

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