WR Stefon Diggs Injury Profile

#14 Stefon Diggs
Position: WR
Height/Weight: 6’0”/191 lbs.
College: Maryland
Year joined Bills: 2020
Acquired: Trade with Vikings

College Injuries:

2012 Freshman year:

No publicly reported injuries

2013 Sophomore year:

No publicly reported injuries

2014 Junior year:

Fractured right fibula, missed 2 games

2015 Senior year:

Lacerated kidney against Penn State, missed 5 games

Pro Injuries:

2015 Vikings:

Hamstring strain, Week 7, missed 0 games

2016 Vikings:

Groin strain, Week 4, missed 1 game

Knee injury, Week 11, missed 1 game

Hip injury, Week 14, missed 1 game

2017 Vikings:

Groin strain, Week 5, missed 2 games

2018 Vikings:

Rib fracture, Week 8, missed 1 game

Knee injury, Week 12, missed 0 games

2019 Vikings:

Hamstring strain, suffered in preseason, missed 0 regular season games

2020 Bills:

Knee/back soreness, preseason.

Left foot injury, foot got stepped on, Week 15, missed 0 games.

Oblique injury, Week 17 during preseason warmups, missed 0 games. Did not require surgery.

2021 Bills:

Knee injury, sat out of practice beginning August 9th, returned to practice August 22nd. Possible overuse or tendinitis injury.

Left shoulder, possible AC Joint sprain, right knee injuries, Week 16

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