WR Emmanuel Sanders Injury Profile

#1 Emmanuel Sanders
Position: WR
Height/Weight: 5’11″/180 lbs.
College: SMU
Year joined Bills: 2021
Acquired: Free Agency via Saints

College Injuries:


Pro Injuries:

2010 Steelers:

Missed 3 games, suffered Week 1 injury due to a quadricep bruise. Sanders also suffered a right foot fracture in the Super Bowl, which required surgery followed by a left foot fracture also requiring surgery in the offseason. 

2011 Steelers:

Following the surgery on the left foot, he developed a stress fracture in the left foot, ultimately missing 3 preseason games. Missed 5 total games, Week 9-10 due to arthroscopic knee surgery due to a meniscus tear, followed by Week 14-16 due to inflammation in his right foot

2012 Steelers:

Missed 0 games, dealt with several injuries including a knee injury in Week 2, shoulder injury Week 13, rib injuries in Week 14, and including a cracked rib in Week 15.

2013 Steelers:

Missed 0 games, dealt with several injuries including a foot injury Week 10, another foot injury Week 14, and a knee injury, specifically a knee sprain in Week 16.

2014 Broncos:

Missed 0 games, dealt with several injuries including a right hamstring strain in the preseason. Suffered a concussion Week 11, hip injury Week 16.

2015 Broncos:

Suffered a right hamstring strain, missed the entire preseason.  Missed 1 game total but dealt with a left AC Joint sprain in Week 6. Suffered a left high ankle sprain in Week 10 also sustaining a finger injury in Week 14. 

2016 Broncos:

Missed 0 games, did not appear on the injury report.

2017 Broncos:

Missed 4 total games, Grade 2 right ankle sprain in Week 6, was questionable in Weeks 12, 14, suffered a bone bruise in his right ankle Week 15, missed 2 games. 

2018 Broncos:

Missed 4 total games due to a torn left Achilles suffered in practice prior to Week 14. Required tightrope procedure on the right ankle in the offseason to address 2017 ankle injuries. 

2019 Broncos/49ers:

Missed 0 games while with Broncos, traded to 49ers, made first appearance in Week 8. Missed 0 games with 49ers, did suffer rib cartilage damage in Week 10.

2020 Saints:

Missed 2 games due to COVID, Weeks 7-8

2021 Bills:

Foot injury, side not specified, August 4, has done individual drills, returned to practice August 9th. Possible Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis.

Right knee injury, not specified, Week 14, considered week-to-week, missed 1 game.

Right knee injury, possible setback in practice, Week 16, missed Week 17 and 18.

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