TE Jacob Hollister Injury Profile

#80 Jacob Hollister
Position: TE
Height/Weight: 6’4″/245 lbs.
College: Wyoming
Year joined Bills: 2021
Acquired: Free Agency via Seahawks

College Injuries:

No publicly reported injuries.

Pro Injuries:

2017 Patriots:

Suffered a chest injury during Week 6, missed zero games. No additional details were available.

2018 Patriots:

Hamstring strain, side not identified, prior to Week 1. Noted that this was the first hamstring strain he ever dealt with. Suffered a chest injury resulting in a bruised lung Week 2, missed two games. Suffered a recurrent hamstring strain that ultimately resulted in him missing eight total games including playoffs, getting placed on IR prior to the playoffs. Missed ten total games.

2019 Seahawks:

No publicly reported injuries, missed zero games.

2020 Seahawks:

No publicly reported injuries, missed zero games.

2021 Bills:

Back injury, preseason, July 29th, considered day-to-day, returned to practice August 5th.

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TE Jacob Hollister Injury History


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