OT Spencer Brown Injury Profile

#79 Spencer Brown
Position: OT
Height/Weight: 6’9″/311 lbs.
College: Northern Iowa
Year joined Bills: 2021
Acquired: 2021 NFL Draft 3rd round selection

High School Injuries:

2015 Junior year: Broke his left femur while playing basketball in high school. While the article itself did not specify the left side, other articles from the same source go on to reference issues with his left knee in high school indicating that the femur fracture was on the left side.

Attempted to play baseball but had continued soreness in his knee while playing, revealing an osteochondral defect under his patella that required surgical repair.  

During the season, the same article details that Brown tore his meniscus. He finished the football season and played through the basketball season with the injury. Despite dealing with pain, he was able to garner first-team all-state honors in basketball before going under the knife once again to repair the meniscus in April of that year.

College Injuries:

2016 Freshman year:

Redshirted as he was still recovering from his meniscus repair and gaining weight to transition from tight end in high school to offensive tackle.

2017 Redshirt Freshman year:

Appeared in 5 games before suffering a season-ending right knee injury. Specifically, he suffered an MCL tear along with damage to his patellar tendon.

2018 Redshirt Sophomore year:

Appeared in 13 games, did not suffer any publicly known injuries.

2019 Redshirt Junior year:

Appeared in 15 games, did not suffer any publicly known injuries.

2020 Redshirt Senior year:

Opt-out due to COVID due to his school postponing the season.

Pro Injuries:

2021 Bills:

Left knee injury, Preseason Game 2 Bears, missed Preseason Game 3. Returned to practice 9/1.

Left knee injury, suffered in practice prior to Week 5, reports indicated he got dinged up.

Back injury, suffered in Monday training prior to Week 8, missed 2 games. Returned Week 10.

COVID, tested positive prior to Week 11, missed 2 games.

Right shoulder injury, possible stinger, Week 17.

2022 Bills:

Undisclosed surgery, mid-May, unable to participate in OTA’s, mandatory minicamp.

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