WR Marquez Stevenson Injury Profile

#5 Marquez Stevenson
Position: WR
Height/Weight: 5’10″/180 lbs.
College: Houston
Year joined Bills: 2021
Acquired: 6th round pick NFL Draft

College Injuries:

2016 Freshman year

Broken collarbone preseason training camp, not requiring surgery. Side not specified, but according to Instagram and confirmation from this profile over at Go Long, it appears as though it was the left side.

He appeared in two total games, returning in late October after missing the first seven games before getting shut down again with what was termed “additional injuries,” missing four games afterward. Unfortunately, details of the specific injuries are not available.

2017 Sophomore year

Tore his left ACL during spring practices, missing the entire season rehabbing.

2018 Redshirt sophomore year: Appeared in 13 games, no publicly reported injuries.

2019 Redshirt junior year

Appeared in 12 games, no publicly reported injuries.

2020 Redshirt senior year

Appeared in five games, missed two games due to a left ankle sprain. Details not available regarding the specifics, but it’s possible that it was a high ankle sprain based on what is available on video at the 16:58 mark.

As the next few scheduled games were canceled, it’s difficult to determine how long he would have really been out for, giving additional information as to the exact injury. Also to note, he skipped the bowl game in order to prepare for the draft.

Pro Injuries:

2021 Bills

Right foot injury, possible midfoot sprain, Preseason Game 2 Bears. Was observed to be in a walking boot during the game.

Head injury, Preseason Game 3

2022 Bills

Right foot injury July 29, underwent surgery during the first week of August. Possible broken foot. Missed nearly all of training camp, placed on IR to miss at least the first 4 games of the season.

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WR Marquez Stevenson Injury Profile

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