S Damar Hamlin Injury History

#31 Damar Hamlin
Position: S
Height/Weight: 6’0″/200 lbs.
College: Pittsburgh
Year joined Bills: 2021
Acquired: 6th round pick NFL Draft

High school:

2015 Senior year:

Suffered a core muscle injury during the final season of high school that he played through in order to help his team win a state championship. He later required repair following the season.

College Injuries:

2016 True Freshman year:

Appeared in three games total but was limited due to complications from the core muscle repair, requiring two revisions total. It was later revealed that the surgeries he had were not the correct surgeries before getting a core muscle repair done properly.

2017 Redshirt Freshman year:

Missed two games while recovering from the core muscle repair before appearing in nine total games. Missed the game against Virginia Tech with details not available.

2018 Redshirt Sophomore year:

Appeared in 14 games, did not appear to suffer any publicly known injuries.

2019 Redshirt Junior year:

Appeared in 12 games, missing the Georgia Tech game due to injury. Details are not specifically based on available sources, but the injury appeared minor as it was reported that he could have played if called upon.

2020 Redshirt Senior year:

Appeared in ten games, opting out of season finale against Georgia Tech.

Pro Injuries:

2021 Bills:

No publicly reported injuries.

2022 Bills:

Neck injury, Week 11, missed 0 games.

Illness, Week 13, missed 0 games.

Commotio Cordis, Week 17, missed 3 games.

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