DT Ed Oliver Injury History

#91 Ed Oliver
Position: DT
Height/Weight: 6’1/287 lbs.
College: Houston
Year joined Bills: 2019
Acquired: 1st round draft selection

College Injuries:

2016 Freshman year

No publicly reported injuries

2017 Sophomore year

Left MCL sprain, missed most of 1 game & limited in next 4 games

2018 Junior year

Right knee injury, deep contusion, missed 4 games

Pro Injuries:

2019 Buffalo Bills

Left foot/ankle injury, Week 5, missed 0 games

Core muscle injury, required surgery, missed 0 games

2020 Bills

Sore hip, missed week of preseason practice.

Right knee contusion, Week 2, missed 0 games. Had knee drained and wearing a brace for support, likely hyperextension as well.

Ankle injury, Wild Card, missed 0 games.

2021 Bills

Chest injury, sustained in practice Thursday prior to Week 14, missed 0 games.

Left ankle injury, Week 16, missed 0 games.

2022 Bills

Right high-ankle sprain, Week 1, Missed 3 games.

Right pectoral, Week 14, missed 0 games.

Calf strain, Week 15, missed 0 games.

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